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Lime Odyssey Cruise Update (6/10/13)
Monthly update on your cruise!... Read More »
Korean Lime Odyssey Content Feedback!
Check out this post to watch some recorded gameplay from the most recent build of Lime Odyssey! ... Read More »
Lime Odyssey Cruise Update (4/10/13)
It has been a little while since posted a nice update for you so thought I might let you know some awesome things going on right about... NOW.... Read More »
Lime Odyssey Cruise Report (2/28/13)
All aboard the Party Cruise to Alpha!... Read More »
POSTED: Screenshots from Alpha!
Check out some new screenshots taken during the Lime Odyssey alpha test!... Read More »
Lime Odyssey Screenshots Released!
View some of the stunning landscapes of the main continent Orta!... Read More »
Forum Event - Badge For All!
Winning badge designs get 100 AP and their badge on profile! ... Read More »

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